Jazz Reflections


jazz reflections

Jazz Reflections

Bob McKewen is a native of the South Bronx, New York, and has lived in San Diego for 50 years. After a long career playing in pit orchestras at shows,
circuses, rodeos and just about anything you can name, he has broken the chains which bound him to the written arrangement and has embraced jazz joyfully.

Bob has played with the Bob Crosby Orchestra, the Dixie Hasslers,
the South Market Street jazz Band, the High Society jazz Band, and he currently travels
the Jazz Festival circuit with the Chicago Six. Email him at: bobmcsaxinet@aol.com

bob mckewen

Richard puts it this way: This project was a labor of love. Having worked with Bob McKewen over many years, I have always enjoyed his sense of humor
and positive attitude toward the task before us, whatever it might be. I felt that it would be something special to create a CDwith just Bob and I, so
I did it. In our album, we play some of Richard on bassthe great American classics created by such icons as Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Jerome Kern, George Gershwin,
and many others. Some newer, some older, some of the best…. I look forward to many more summers at the SD County Fair with Bob and the gang…….. rj

Richard James, originally from Queens, New York left the east coast in 1965 and has resided in San Diego ever since. Adept on the bass as well as piano, Richard plays both on this CD and in addition, programmed the drum tracks using his extensive collection of drum and percussion samples. He looks forward to many creative projects in his studio, where this album was recorded.