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Back in the late 90’s thru 2001 I had the amazing opportunity to compose & create a large number of mini-pieces to accompany e-cards on a new website, It was an exciting world. As many of you might remember, you could send them on the Net to friends and acquaintances for birthdays, anniversaries, basically, just about any occasion one could imagine. The site came to total in excess of 100,000,000 hits a month. I was pretty much given free reign to follow my muse, by gracious owners Susan & Steve Schutz. The whole experience opened up my imagination and inspired me to keep on trying new things and that is what I still strive to do. And now, moving on, I present my new album which features my able co-conspirators Grant Clarkson on acoustic and electric bass, and Russell Bizzett on drums & percussion:


 my thanks to friends for some brief comments about the album…

I like it. Tunes are good. I love that Chopin Mazurka,  it’s one of my favorites. You guys did some interesting things with it.  Very enjoyable, good mix,  band sounds good. All in all it’s very good. Much success! Charles McPherson   (legendary alto saxophonist)

New CD from the Richard James Trio shows the great talent of Richard, his pianistics both jazz and classical, and his many original compositions performed with this group are certainly worthwhile!  I highly recommend making it a part of your collection.   Donn Trenner (jazz pianist, music director for Steve Allen Show, etc.)

An abundance of musicality and creativity is contained in this won-derful musical outing. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did. Highly recommended…    Mike Longo  (pianist with Dizzy Gillespie)

Pianist/ bassist/ vocalist, Richard James’ new album is evidence of his creative versatility. Playing in styles from bebop to urban underscore with classically influenced waltzes to straight-ahead originals, it is clear that his imagination is unlimited. It’s all good! Congrats, Richard!   Howard Segurson (composer, arranger, alto saxophone)

I’ve been listening to it, and I love the sound of your piano. I remember enjoying playing it, a few years back, and it certainly sounds great in your hands 🙂 The overall mix is first rate… it sounds polished, but also live and not over-edited. like a real jazz record should be!  It’s been quite a while since I heard you, and I forgot how well you play! Love your touch, voicings, sense of swing, etc.  Anthony Smith  (jazz pianist and vibraphonist)

So many colors, so many shades in the musical palette of Richard James (kybds, bs, vocal) as he honors – the Living Spirit that unites us, his wife Olivia, KSDS, The Big Apple, Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, Chopin, etc. Jazz trio musical culminations satisfy our musical souls, all recorded by him in his studio.   YES IT’S HAPPENING.  Thank you Richard, Russell and Grant.    Joe Azarello, Jazzarello’s Corner (pianist with Buddy Rich, composer)